Boiler in heat pump 190L ATLAS ATPC-15/190RDN3-F

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– Beach outside temperature -20~43 °C

– Thermal agent temperature 38~70 °C

– LCD panel with several functions:

– Protection alarm and sound signal

– Automatic button and screen lock

– Automatic restart

– Timer function

– Weekly disinfection mode

– E-heater mode (electrical resistance)

– Functie WIFI integrata (app Comfort Home)

– Automatic disinfection function

– External static pressure at the fan of 25 Pa, which allows the length of pipes up to 10 m.

– Refrigerant ecologic R134a

Electrical resistance and
Beach outside temperature -20~43 °C
Water temperature 38~70 °C
Power supply 1x230V / 50Hz V/Hz
I want to be useful 180 l
Thermal power 1.45+3.15 kW
Maximum current 16 A
Dimensions (L×H) 560×1760 mm
Net weight 107 kg
Sound pressure 41.2 dB/A
Sound puere 56.6 dB/A
Tip R134a
Amount 1.0 kg
Debit aer 270/230/182 m³/h
Air suction / discharge connections 160 mm
Tip Rotary
Capacity 1450 W / Btu/h
entry 495 W / kW
Rated current 2.3 A
The outer diameter of the tube 9.52 (Copper tube with inner groove) mm
Serpentine length 402 mm
Serpentine height 305 mm
Number of circuits 3
Model YDK12-6A
entry 28/26/26 W
Speed 900/815/680 root/min.
output 12 W
Water supply pipe DN20 mm
ACM Conduct DN20 mm
Drain pipe DN20 mm
Tip Dividing Wall
E-heater (electrical resistance) 2.0×1 kW
Recommended number of people 3-4 m³/h


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