Thermoelectric steel boilers with 1 ELDOM vertical coil 80-1000 liters

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Boilers from this range are made of porcelain steel

The heating source is mixed, serpentine and electrical resistance

– the insulation is made by injecting polyurethane

– the mantle and covers are made of sheet steel, painted in an electrostatic field

– has anodic protection against corrosion (magnesium alloy anode)

– equipped with thermometer, general switch with light signal, water temperature regulation thermostat and 95⁰C overheating safety thermostat

– it is delivered with a safety valve and a check valve.

72266S 3 kW 8 bar
72280MS 3 kW 8 bar
72281NT 3 kW 8 bar
72282S 3 kW 8 bar
72351S 4 kW 6 bar
72352S 3 kW 6 bar


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