Heat pump R32 monobloc 6kw (1x230V) HYUNDAI [HYHC-V6W/D2N8-BE30]

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MONOBLOC air-water heat pumps

– freon ecologic R32

–  compressor BLDC Inverter high performance system

– extremely silent operation

–  fully equipped with circulation pump, expansion vessel, safety valve

– integrated WIFI function with remote control (smartphone)

–  operation up to -25 degrees Celsius

– heat agent temperature up to 65 degrees Celsius

– operation in cascade up to 6 units

–   fast hot water preparation function

–  anti-legionela function (boiler disinfection)

– possibility to control 2 heating zone


WIFI control

– download the “COMFORT HOME” application from the APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY or scan the QR code on the controller box

– after which you register following the steps described in the manual

– the application works on Android 7.0 and IOS7, or newer versions

– the application allows viewing the status of the heat pump, the mode of operation

– temperature settings as well as energy consumption and suggestions for reduced consumption.



Hyundai M-Thermal Mono Split A Series

Operation manual HYUNDAI

Heating (A7/W35) 6.35 kW
Electrical P absorbed (A7/W35) 1,28 kW
COP(A7/W35) 4,95
Heating (A7/W45) 6.3 kW
Electrical P absorbed (A7/W45) 1.7 kW
COP(A7/W45) 3.7
Heating (A7/W55) 6 kW
Electrical P absorbed (A7/W55) 2.03 kW
COP(A7/W55) 2.95
Cooling (A35/W18) 6.5 kW
– P electric absorbed (A35/W18) 1,35 kW
– EER (A35/W18) 4,80
Racer (A35/W7) 7 kW
Electrical P absorbed (A35/W7) 2.33 kW
EER (A35/W7) 3
Seasonal efficiency class LWT 35C: A+++
Seasonal efficiency class LWT 55C: A++
Compressor: BLDC inverter
R32 refrigerant factory charge 1,40 kg
Circulation pump de tip inverter
Maximum pressure 9 mCA
Expansion vessel (Volume) 8 l
Hydraulic connections 1 “
Electrical resistance (back-up) 3 kW
Beach water temperature – Cooling 5~25 °C
Beach water temperature – Heating 25~65 °C
Beach water temperature – Domestic Hot Water 30~60 °C
Power supply 230/50 V/Hz
Sound noise EN12102-1 58 dB/A
Beach outside temperature- Cooling -5~43 °C
Beach outside temperature – Heating -25~35 °C
Outdoor temperature beach – Domestic hot water -24~43 °C
Tip phase
Net weight 98 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 792x1295x429 mm





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