Inverter air conditioner Hyundai 2022/2023 24000 Btu/h, HYU-24HRFN8-QRD0GW

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The air conditioning system is equipped with the following functions:

• Design the ultima generation

• Silent operation

• Long distance airflow

• Smart defrost

• Self-cleaning function

• Timer

• Auto restart

• Function of automatic determination of refrigerant losses

• Multifunctional filter

• Power supply voltage drop restart function


• Personalization (possibility to save previous settings)

• Temperature sensor on the remote control

• Silver ion filter

• Connecting refrigerant pipes is possible on both sides of the UI


Power supply 220-240V,1Ph,50Hz V/Hz
Cooling Power (capacity) 24000 Btu/h
Cooling electrical consumption 2345(160~2960) W
Cooling amperage 10.2(0.7~13.3) A
Heating power (capacity) 25000 Btu/h
Electricity consumption heating 2035(260~3140) W
Heating amperage 10.2(1.1~13.3) A
Pdesignc 7.0 kW
SEER 6.1 W/W
Energy efficient class A++
Pdesignh 4.8 kW
SCOP 4.0 W/W
Energy efficient class A+
Balans temperature -7 °C
Limit temperature for heating -15 °C
power max. consume 3850 W
Amperaj maxim 17.5 A
Model KTF235D22UMT
Tip rotary
Brand GMCC
Capacity 7650 Btu/h
Power consumed 2065 W
Amperage in operation 9.4 A
Refrigerant oil/oil charge ESTEL OIL RB74AF/ 670ml ml
Model WZDK58-38G
Power 58.0 W
Electric capacitor ― µF
RPM (Hi/Mi/Lo) 1150 / 1000 / 850 root/min.
a. Number of spirals 2
b.Not tub(a)x not line(b) 21×13.37 mm
c.Spatiere 1.3 mm
e.Diameter tub Φ7, tub canelat mm
f. Spiral length x height x width 780x315x26.74 mm
g. Number of circuits 4
Debit aer UI (Hi/Mi/Lo) 980/817/662 m³/h
Sound pressure UI (Hi/Mi/Lo/Si) 44.5/42/34.5/28 dB/A
Putere sonora UI (Hi) 59 dB/A
Dimensions (W*D*H) 1040x220x327 mm
Ambalaj (W*D*H) 1120x405x310 mm
Net/Gross Time 12.3/15.8 kg
Model ZKFN-50-8-2
Power 115 W
Speed 850/700/550 root/min.
a. Number of spirals 2
b.Not tub(a)x not line(b) 25.4×22 mm
c.Spatiere 1.4 mm
e.Diameter tub Φ9.52,Inner groove tube mm
f. Spiral length x height x width 730x660x44 mm
g. Number of circuits 4
EU sound pressure level 59.5 dB/A
Sound noise EU 67.0 dB/A
Dimensions (W*D*H) 845x363x702 mm
Ambalaj (W*D*H) 965x395x765 mm
Net/Gross Time 51.5/54.5 kg
Tip R32
GWP 0.675
Load mass 1.6 kg
Design pressure 4.3/1.7 MPa
Diam tevi cool liquid/gas Φ9.52(3/8”)/Φ15.9(5/8”)
Maximum length of pipe route 50 m
The max. difference level 25 m
Temperature control Remote
Internal (cooling/heating) 17~32/0~30 °C
Outside (cooling/heating) -15~50/-25~30 °C
minimum maximum 32-47 m²


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