Hyundai R32 7000btu/h multisplit wall internal unit

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MODEL 2023 045643-081

Power supply 220~240-1-50V/Hz
Electrical consumption (cooling) 20 W
Amperage (cooling) 0.09 A
Electricity consumption (heating) 20 W
Amperage (heating) 0.09 A
Model YKFG-13-4-38L
Consum 40 W
Fan speed 1.2 root/min.
Length x Height x Width 1030 / 850 / 700 mm
Number of circuits 595x273x23,2
Air Debit (Hi/Mi/Lo) 4 m³/h
ESP rated/range 520/460/340 Pa
Sound pressure level 40/30/26/21 dB/A
Sound power level 54 dB/A
UI Dimensions (WxDxH) 805x194x285 mm
UI dimensions with packaging (WxDxH) 870x270x360 mm
Net/gross body mass 7,5/9,7 kg
Working pressure 4,3/1,7 MPa
Liquid/Gas 1/4″ / 3/8″
Mod control Remote
Operating Temperature 17~30 °C
Cooling 17~32 °C
Heating 0~30 °C
Nominal cooling capacity 2 kW
Nominal heating power 2.3 kW
Unit type internal unit
Mounting type wall
Constructive type with cabinet


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