Thank you board INNOTACK


The INNOTACK thermal insulation Tacker plate with a thickness of 25mm, packed in the form of a roll, used for underfloor heating is made of EPS monitored from the point of view of quality, in accordance with SR EN13163 and a foil made of tear-resistant fabric, braided, cased on the upper side, as a moisture barrier against the water used to prepare the hoe.
The thermal insulation roll is an efficient support for the pipes used in the underfloor heating system, being fixed with INNOPIN nails. Due to the reinforced material, it is no longer possible for the INNOPIN nails to come out of the board. The foil is printed with a checkerboard with a step of 5 cm, which makes it possible to easily cut the roll, as well as a simple and quick assembly of the heating pipes. The Tacker plate has a self-adhesive overlap of about 3 cm on one side.
The INNOTACK board is used in underfloor heating systems for the purpose of thermal insulation, the heat being directed towards the interior of the room.

INNOTACK tacker board 25 mm, roll 10 square meters


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